About Educator of Learn How To Make Food Illustration with Watercolor Painting

Maria C. Dina

Hi Learners! Who doesn’t love coffee? In this food illustration watercolor workshop, we will learn how to paint a glass of Caramel Latte using watercolor with Maria C. Dina.

In this 3 hour workshop, not only we will learn how to paint with watercolor but also how to make a basic sketch, introduction to tools & materials, basic watercolor techniques and basic color mixing using a limited color palette.

This time we’re going to use good quality student and artist grade watercolor paints (Winsor Newton Cotman, Van Gogh, Shin Han PWC, Mijello).

This workshop is perfect for beginner or anyone looking to brush up their approach to watercolor. We will learn and practice together in a step by step manner. Workshop is limited to only 6 participants.

See you at the workshop, Learners!