Learn All About Mandala Drawing (Jakarta Pusat)

Hi learners! Mandalas have been recognized by psychology as a therapeutic tool. They are designed to help you become free from your worries. This is because they make it easier to focus on the present moment, the way all the shapes and designs are laid out brings a feeling of balance, they’re such a powerful relaxation tool. This activity calms your mind, reduce stress, and lower blood pressure. It improve things like memory, attention, perception, and visuomotor coordination, concentration, discipline. 


In this workshop, Grace Anggraeni (IG @gracedsign) will teach about Mandala drawing and simple watercolour technique. At the end of the session, you can bring home your own unique personalised artwork or give it to your loved ones. So, what are you waiting for? Come on, register now! Push aside thoughts and let your creativity flow! 


What You Learn

  • Basic technique of mandala drawing
  • Basic technique of watercolour painting

What is the price inclusive of?

- Instruction
- Watercolour Paper
- Sharing tools during workshop
- Final artwork made by the participant

What do you need to bring?


Terms & Condition

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