Learn How To Make Flower Watercolor Painting (West Jakarta Area)

Hi Sobat Skills! Don’t you feel excited if you can create something beautiful and do it by yourself? In this workshop, Grace Anggraeni (@gracedsign) will take us through floral watercolor painting.

Give yourself a timeout from this busy digital world by learning about watercolor painting, it can gives you therapeutic and helps you to relax! At the end of the session you can bring home your own unique personalized artwork or give it to your loved ones. So what are you waiting for? Come on, register now and let’s make beautiful creation together.

What You Learn

- How to create flower and leaves
- Basic watercolour painting techniques
- How to use your watercolor brush
- How to control the water
- How to blend colours

What is the price inclusive of?

- Professional instruction
- Practice sheet
- Watercolor brush, watercolor paper, palette
- Sharing tools during workshop (watercolor, pencil, eraser, etc)
- Final artwork made by the participant
- Voucher for F&B

What do you need to bring?


Terms & Condition

  • Semua pembayaran tidak dapat dikembalikan dan tidak dapat ditransfer ke workshop yang lain, akan tetapi Anda diizinkan untuk mentransfer tiket Anda kepada orang lain. Tolong beri tahu kami jika Anda menginginkannya.
  • Jika acara dibatalkan karena beberapa kejadian tak terduga oleh pendidik, kami akan mengembalikan pembayaran Anda sepenuhnya

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