(Morning Session) Learn About Haute Couture Pattern Making, Sewing & Draping

Hi Learners! Are you passionate about dress making? Do you want to start your fashion business? Do you want to be the one who make the haute couture collection that will make everyone who look the dress will fall in love? Here we train our students (including total beginners) to become professional Fashion Designer. Whose job is to Create designs that suitable for client’s body type, size, and personality, to transform that design into a pattern and make it into a finished masterpiece.

This workshop will be conducted in total 520 hours (4 hours each session/class). You can choose your first schedule below, and the rest of the schedule is flexible, you can arrange your own schedule with the teacher. So, what are you waiting for? Come join this class and get your complete knowledge and practice with us!

What You Learn

- Pattern making and sewing from basic to advance
- Draping techniques
- Designing the right dress for each client's body type
- Fabrics and materials knowledge
- Hunting fabric session
- Color combination
- Beading techniques
- Altering for each client's size
- How to deal with clients
- Making relation with wedding vendor (Photographer, event organizer, makeup artist)

What is the price inclusive of?

What do you need to bring?


Terms & Condition

- Semua pembayaran tidak dapat dikembalikan dan tidak dapat ditransfer ke workshop yang lain, akan tetapi Anda diizinkan untuk mentransfer tiket Anda kepada orang lain. Tolong beri tahu kami jika Anda menginginkannya.

- Jika acara dibatalkan karena beberapa kejadian tak terduga oleh pendidik, kami akan mengembalikan pembayaran Anda sepenuhnya.

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