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Hi Sobat Skills! How about doing something fun and productive with watercolour painting activity? In this workshop, Grace Anggraeni will teach about how to paint galaxy using watercolour. Sometimes, we need to have the time to relax from this busy world, right? By learning to paint you will be able to reduce your stress, stimulates the brain, encourages positive actions in your life, it’s a creative form of self-expression. So what are you waiting for? Come on, attend now and let’s make beautiful creation together!

What you'll learn

- The basic technique of watercolour painting
- How to paint galaxy with watercolour



What is price inclusive of

- Instruction
- Practice sheet
- Sharing tools during the workshop
- Final artwork made by the participant
- F&B voucher

Term and conditions

  • Semua pembayaran tidak dapat dikembalikan dan tidak dapat ditransfer ke workshop yang lain, akan tetapi Anda diizinkan untuk mentransfer tiket Anda kepada orang lain. Tolong beri tahu kami jika Anda menginginkannya.
  • Jika acara dibatalkan karena beberapa kejadian tak terduga oleh pendidik, kami akan mengembalikan pembayaran Anda sepenuhnya

Grace Anggraeni

She is a freelance graphic web designer and illustrator who loves art and craft since she was a little girl. What she called her treasures are her colourful paints, papers, canvases, brushes, scissors, glues, beads, ribbons, and so on. She can’t live without colourful items around her. Right now, she also works as a part time art teacher for the special needs and she loves her colourful life. Check out some of her art and craft also her design portfolios on Instagram @gracedsign


Hand lettering, watercolour & acrylic painting, digital drawing, illustration, graphic design, web design.
Check out some of her art and craft also her design portfolios on Instagram @gracedsign


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Course Features
  • Start Date Minggu, 29 Mar 2020
  • Time 11:00 - 13:00
  • Class size 12
  • Minimum age 9+
  • Language Indonesia & English
  • Level Beginner
Event Details
  • Sang Cafe
  • Jl. Kemang Sel. No.110, Bangka, Kec. Mampang Prpt., Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12730, Indonesia